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SER1400 Series High Current Shielded Power Inductors

Offered in High Isat and High Irms versions!
High Isat: current ratings up to 105.9 Amps – ideal for high peak current applications
High Irms: flat wire windings for DCR as low as
0.48 mOhms – ideal for high rms current applications
AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C) version also available

Download the datasheetand order Free Samples here!


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Murata’s 2.4 GHz-band wireless communication module certified ISA100 compliant


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has announced that its 2.4 GHz-band wireless communication module, LBBA0ZZ1EU, has been certified to be ISA100 Wireless™ compliant. Mass production started in May 2016.


In use at manufacturing plants are many and varied kinds of field devices for measuring temperatures, pressures, levels (of liquids), gas concentrations, and vibration, among others. In terms of the communication between these kinds of field devices and the systems that are used for monitoring and control, there has been a rising demand to collect larger amounts of data at the plants as a result of the increasing awareness of the desirability to enhance productivity and ensure safety. As such, there is a rising demand for field wireless devices that can be put into place with ease and that open the door to lowering the construction and installation costs over those of wired systems.
Teaming up with Yokogawa Electric Corporation, which was the first company in the world to develop and market field wireless system devices and field wireless devices compliant with the ISA100 Wireless™ standard, and engaging in a joint effort that included the granting of a license for a software stack from the company, Murata has been implementing the development of communication modules that are installed in field wireless devices for some time. Now, it successfully launches a 2.4 GHz-band wireless communication module compliant with the ISA100 Wireless™ standard that was drawn up to reflect the needs of industrial market users. This communication module makes it easier to introduce field wireless systems into manufacturing plants. Looking ahead, Murata will contribute to establishing wireless communications networks in manufacturing plants and to improving productivity by supplying its module globally to field wireless device manufacturers and sensor manufacturers.

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Thank you…….
What an incredible week!  Two amazingly successful Open Forums in Oxford and Cambridge and a superb In-House Forum at Jaguar Land Rover……
A big thank you to our sponsors for their participation.  Anritsu, Yokogawa, Provertha, Telonic, Epson, InTiCa, AR UK, Ineltek, Universal Science, Vicor, Silicon Highway, Molex, SanDisk, National Instruments, AEL Crystals, ISSI, Siretta, Gradconn, Outsource, Murata, ACAL BFI, Future, Keysight, Microlease, Avnet, Wurth, Texas Instruments, EBV, Telegartner, Coilcraft and IoTAS.
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RF & Wireless Forums this June

This June we have 2 x RF & Wireless, inc IoT / M2M & Wearable Tech design forums.

June 7th in Oxford at the Williams F1 HQ and June 14th in Cambridge at the Moller Centre.
Oxford (7th) keynote – PureLiFi on LiFi technologies….

Full event schedule and registration > CLICK HERE

Cambridge (14th) keynote – Innovate UK – RF & Wireless funding..

Full event schedule and registration > CLICK HERE

Motiv8 Forums are delighted to announce our biggest agenda in 7 years.

RF & Wireless Design, inc IoT / M2M & Wearable Tech, taking place 7th June in Oxford at the Williams F1 HQ and 14th June in Cambridge at the Moller Centre.

Exhibitors  – Texas Instruments, MuRata, Coilcraft, Avnet, Wurth, EBV, ACAL BFI, Outsource Electronics, Provertha, Microlease, On Semi, Telegartner, Gradconn, Siretta, Future Electronics, Innovate UK, Wurth Electronics, Lantronix…..

Special feature – Future Electronics
SWSN (Secure Wireless Sensor Nodes) Seminar Series

Presentations & Workshops include –

~ Sigfox (LpWAN) Low power Wide Area Network for the Internet of Things ~

~ Support & Funding for innovation within RF & Wireless ~

~ Secure Wireless Sensor Node – NFC Secure “tap” provisioning and commissioning ~

~ Inductors as RF chokes ~

~ Developing Ultra-low Power, City Wide Long Range Sensor Networks ~

~ Improving the reliability of M2M/IoT systems ~

~ Overcoming the challenges of WiFi enabling your product ~

~ linkCONNECT modems, actively managing network connectivity ~

~ Secure Wireless Sensor Node – LoRaWAN Private and Public Infrastructure for IoT ~

~ The challenges of enabling WiFi explained and demonstrated ~

~ Wireless power and its applications ~

~ Design for RF Performance ~

~ Sigfox IOT Sensor: Technical design discussion and demonstration ~

~ Where to begin with Wireless power ~

Plus – UK first demonstrations and product launches on the day……….

General information at >

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IOTAS – THE WIRELESS TESTING ORGANISATION join Motiv8 this June in Cambridge

Motiv8 Forums are delighted to welcome IoTAS to our June 14th Forum taking place in Cambridge.

IoTAS is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory who offer global testing solutions to the wireless community. The company is a specialist field testing company offering professional outsourcing solutions for 3GPP and other wireless technologies.

For more information on IoTAS >  CLICK HERE

For full information and registration for the June 14th Cambridge Forum > CLICK HERE

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Murata announces high Q MLCC aimed at automotive V2X applications

Features GCQ series

AEC-Q200*2 conformable and suitable for V2X, ADAS and other automotive communication applications
Self-resonance frequency of 5.9 GHz (2.2 pF model) ideal for DC filtering under DSRC IEEE 821.11p
Copper internal electrodes enabling high Q value at high frequencies, ideal for matching applications


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has developed the world’s first automotive grade monolithic ceramic capacitors “GCQ series” with high Q characteristics for vehicle to X (V2X*1) applications. Sample shipments have already commenced, and Murata will be gearing up to mass-produce the components at the first half of 2016.

*1 V2X: Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication


V2X refers to direct communication between vehicles or between vehicles and infrastructure such as traffic lights. This technology is aimed at avoiding accidents such as collisions and realizing a more efficient transport system. It is expected to play an important role in paving the way to the realization of fully autonomous driving in the future.
DSRC IEEE 802.11p is a V2X communication standard (communication frequency: 5.9 GHz) intended mainly for use in North America and Europe, and high Q capacitors are in demand for DC filtering and RF matching in the 5.9 GHz band. Murata has developed highly reliable automotive grade high Q capacitors to meet this need.


These high Q capacitors are AEC-Q200*2 conformable and suitable for V2X, ADAS, and other automotive communication applications.
The self-resonance frequency of 5.9 GHz (2.2 pF model) is ideal for DC filtering under DSRC IEEE 802.11p.
The internal electrodes are made of copper, which enables a high Q value at high frequencies and is ideal for matching applications.

*2 AEC-Q200: A reliability testing standard for automotive electronic components established by the Automotive Electronics Council.

For more information CLICK HERE

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Cambridge keynote Support & Funding for innovation within RF & Wireless

June 14th is our biggest day focusing on RF & Wireless Design, inc IoT / M2M & Wearable Tech, taking place 14th June in Cambridge at the Moller Centre.

This years keynote is from Innovate UK on Support & Funding for innovation within
RF & Wireless.

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From Andy Sellars of Innovate UK

After studying laser physics at St Andrews University, Andy completed an industrially sponsored PhD in power engineering at Strathclyde University. This work was spun-out through Diagnostic Monitoring Systems, which was later acquired by US-based Qualitrol.

Following university, Andy developed high voltage transmission for Rolls Royce, high-definition RADAR for the MoD and advanced test systems for Spirent PLC – one product generating sales for over 15 years. He then joined a venture-capital backed start-up developing financial transaction software, followed by work with Abbott Diagnostics in Dallas developing photon sensors for health analytics.

As an independent consultant, Andy developed lighting to film James Bond, marketing strategies for a Canadian IPTV chipset manufacturer, colour-blending algorithms for DMX lighting and industrial IoT servers (in 2000). Combining expertise in software and electronics, Andy provided bespoke automation solutions to high-volume UK manufacturers. He also set up a charitable events management company, securing an executive speaker from Channel 4 TV and a keynote speaker from the House of Lords.

Andy joined the High Value Manufacturing team at Innovate UK in 2013 taking responsibility for advanced materials and electronics manufacturing. Building strategic alliances between industry, government and academia, Andy developed the business case for the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult, which was announced in January 2016. Andy holds an Executive MBA from the Adam Smith Business School at Glasgow University.

Full agenda and registration > CLICK HERE