Release Date:  15th August, 2017.

World leading designer and manufacturer of axial fans and centrifugal blower, SPAL Automotive introduces its largest most powerful cooling fan to date featuring advanced brushless motor technology.  The substantial 1Kw fan is the first of its kind and has been designed to meet the exacting demands of conventional & hybrid engines and battery cooling.

Software controlled for maximum efficiency, the fully sealed motor units are specified to IP6K9K making them spark-free, completely waterproof and extremely safe




Delivering up to 30,000 hours operating life, SPAL brushless fans are tested for endurance and deliver the high performance cooling while contributing to reduced emissions.

The new 1Kw fan is in production at the newly extended dedicated brushless facility at Correggio in Italy.  The fully automated site spans 15,000sqm, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week producing 1.5 million units per annum.



W: www.spalautomotive.com T:  @SPALAuto F:  /SPALauto

L/I: https://uk.linkedin.com/company/spal-automotive-uk

Further Info: DDPR. Tel: 01384 878777  e: info@ddpr.biz

Murata’s web feature makes sensor selection easy for designers

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Murata’s web feature makes sensor selection easy for designers

We have added a new feature to our website’s sensor guide, making it even quicker and more simple for designers to choose a sensor that will accurately meet the needs of their application.

Further easing and speeding up sensor choice, we will start selling evaluation boards through web distributors. Four types of evaluation boards will be available:

  • Temperature sensor / NTC thermistor
  • Pyro-electric Infrared sensor
  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Inertial sensors (accelerometer, inclinometer, gyro sensors)

All of the sensor evaluation boards will be available from distributors including Farnell and RS  at the end of June.

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Yokogawa launches new DL350 ScopeCorder – a compact, portable combination measuring instrument.

The Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder is the most comprehensive fully portable measuring instrument available for capturing, displaying, recording and analyzing a wide variety of electrical and physical parameters in industry sectors including automotive, electronics, energy, transport and mechatronics.
Like other models in Yokogawa’s ScopeCorder family, the DL350 combines features of a general-purpose oscilloscope and those of a high-performance data acquisition recorder in a single, portable instrument. Unlike alternative portable measuring solutions such as oscilloscopes and combined oscilloscope/multimeters, it adds exceptionally high levels of precision and accuracy to field measurements, isolated inputs for measurements at high voltage levels, and long-memory capabilities that allow long-term recording for many hours or even days.
Another key feature of the DL350 ScopeCorder, which is not offered by other portable instruments, is its plug-in modularity, which allows it to be configured to suit a variety of user applications. Whether carrying out straightforward high-precision voltage measurements or handling a blend of signals coming from such things as current probes, temperature sensors, strain gauges, accelerometers and serial buses, the DL350 can deliver, without extra boxes or cables.
This flexible input capability is achieved by incorporating two slots which are populated with any of 18 different types of user-swappable input modules. This means, for example, that four isolated 16-bit voltage inputs can be measured at speeds of one megasample per second (MS/s) alongside 16 temperatures or two separate CAN or LIN buses each containing 60 signals. Changing a single module enables measurement at 100 MS/s with 12 bits and 1 kV of isolation. Meanwhile there are 16 logic inputs always available, with even more available by swapping a further module.
Among other modules are AC measurements using an RMS module in real time and a mathematics channel for signal processing and analysis after the recording is finished.
The DL350 offers compatibility with many existing ScopeCorder input modules and thereby provides a potential cost saving to existing users. They will also benefit from the features and functions they have come to value which are represented in the DL350 in a more portable package.
For users who are more familiar with chart recorders than with long-memory oscilloscopes, the DL350 offers a choice of operating modes. Recorder mode is suitable for long-term, continuous recording for a specific duration and where the sampling interval is specified. A set-up wizard can be used in this mode to guide the operator quickly through the entire set-up process.
Scope mode allows the DL350 to be used just like an oscilloscope with all the associated benefits, including comprehensive triggering and flexible memory use. Using the history memory enables up to 1000 separate triggered acquisitions to be captured to the internal memory so that the causes and effects of abnormalities can be carefully analysed.
Up to 5 Gpoints of data per module can be recorded directly to an SD card. This means that the DL350 can be used for continuous recording up to 50 days. For high-speed signals, up to 100 Mpoints per moduleof internal memory is available to capture fast transients. This is up to 10,000 times more than other portable oscilloscopes or oscilloscope/multimeters and allows signals to be captured with higher sample rates or over longer periods.
A high-resolution, high-speed sampling module, unique amongst portable measuring instruments, provides individually isolated 12-bit, 100 MS/s inputs, which can precisely measure and record transient waveforms (superimposed on inverter outputs, for example) and the edges of control signals which cannot be measured by traditional handheld recorders or oscilloscopes.
An 8.4-inch resistive touch screen has been adopted to deliver superior noise-free performance. In environments with the highest levels of electrical noise such as motors and inverters, measurement precision is maintained whilst enabling the unit to be operated using gloved hands or a stylus. Even when the backlight is switched off, and the touch screen is inactive, the user still has access to the START/STOP, manual trigger and data saving keys. For users unfamiliar with state-of-the-art measuring instruments, there is also help at hand via the built-in instruction manual.
The user has a choice of a simple level trigger or enhanced triggers on such things as pulse width, waveform period and across multiple channels. For example, the wave window trigger is ideal for AC power-line monitoring, and enables voltage sags, surges, spikes, phase shifts or drop-outs to be easily captured (available for 40 to 1000 Hz waveforms).
A DL350 can be left unattended with the captured waveform automatically saved to a file, or a notification email sent if and when it triggers.
The DL350 is first and foremost a field tool. However, it still provides the functionality users expect in a bench instrument. The sampling clock, trigger and start/stop controls are all available as external signals, so that a rotary angle encoder or degree wheel, for example, can be used as the sample clock to analyze engine rotation and performance.
The power in single and 3-phase systems can be evaluated. In addition, for fundamental waveforms of 50 or 60 Hz, up to 40 harmonic orders can be analyzed. Alternatively, it is possible to use the suite of FFT functions to perform full frequency analysis.
The DL350 is based on an A4-sized compact chassis and weighs less than 2.6Kg excluding battery and under 4Kg when populated with a battery and 2 x 4 channel modules. The built-in rechargeable battery provides three hours of continuous operation which, when combined with either mains or 10-30 V DC power, provides the DL350 with a highly reliable power supply and worry-free recording for tests that are difficult or expensive to repeat.
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RP Technologies Invest £120,000 in Machinery and Employee 4 New Members of Staff

Leading prototype & production tooling and plastic injection moulding company, RP Technologies invest £120,000 which will increase their tool room and injection moulding capacity. The investment sees them purchase a Hurco CNC Machining Centre and a Borche Injection Moulding Machine as well as employing 4 new members of staff.

13th June 2017, Kingswinford, UK: As part of RP Technologies’ ongoing investment and expansion plans they have invested £120,000 and purchased two new machines. The company have purchased an impressive Hurco VMX30i CNC machining centre and a Borche 120 tonne injection moulding machine to add to their already impressive suite of machinery in their West Midlands based facility. They have also employed 4 additional members of staff which will improve their current capabilities and lead times.

The Hurco VMX30i is one of Hurco’s signature milling centres that takes machining to the next level. This machine delivers high performance capabilities to any machining application and has the added benefit of a dual-screen control which streamlines programming.

The Borche 120 tonne machine will add to their suite of injection moulding machines which are all energy efficient giving up to 80% power savings compared to conventional machinery.

The investment in new machinery will increase the capacity and productivity in the tool room and injection moulding facility. Over the last five years RP Technologies have continued to grow and invest in new machinery to keep up with the increasing demand from both new and existing customers.

The company have also taken on 4 new employees; a Tool Design Engineer, 2 Injection Moulding Operators and a trainee CAD/CAM Engineer.

RP Technologies are forecasting further investment later this year and plan to purchase additional injection moulding machines, a mould flow analysis package and software to streamline their order processing systems. They also have plans to employee additional sales, engineering and manufacturing staff within the company.

For more information about RP Technologies’ prototype & production tooling and plastic injection moulding capabilities please visit: http://www.rptechnologies.co.uk 

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LAUDA LOOP Media package

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Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 10.49.35.pngLAUDA LOOP circulation thermostats operate within the 4 to 80°C range using the latest Peltier technology. The two air-cooled devices, L 100 and L 250, have a cooling capacity of 120 and 250 Watts and low power consumption. No refrigerant is needed which makes it environmentally friendly.

Technical Data

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